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The church has published it’s new pictorial/name and address church directory! One of the features of this project is an online version which is available to the members of our church family. While everyone has access to the directory, you must know your user name and password to get in.

If you already have your
User Name and Password just click on this link to get to the login page of the directory.

If you do not have your
User Name and Password, send an email to the Media Group at the church and they will be sent by return email.

Once you have access you are strongly encouraged to change you password to something you will remember. After gaining access, feel free to poke around your profile or select
Help or FAQ to learn all about how to navigate the site. Please be sure to keep your profile up to date with your current information. It is especially important for our part-year residents to change your profile whenever you relocate to your northern or southern address.

If you are disappointed that your photograph is not in the directory, take heart ... it is not too late to be included, simply edit your profile and select
I am interested in updating my portrait and you will be contacted by Lifetouch, the company that published our directory when the next date is scheduled to have photos taken.

NOTICE TO ALL IN OUR CHURCH FAMILY (INCLUDING MEMBERS AND FRIENDS) - If your photograph is not in the directory or online directory or you wish to update your photograph, you can indicate that you want your photo taken when you access your profile in the online directory. You will be notified when the photographers are in our area. One other way to ask that you be notified is to click here to send an email with your name and phone number.