Come As You Are ... a worship experience (Sundays at 9:40AM) is for those who prefer a more casual worship atmosphere. It is especially appealing to folks who are new to church attendance. In a relaxed atmosphere, the service features a flexible approach to format and a blend of modern Christian music and modernized old standards. The teaching time is interactive as the preacher for the day sits with the worshippers as they consider the text together.

In our worship center we make intensive use of multi-media. Additionally, we have an FM transmitter hearing system which works anywhere in the worship center when a hearing impaired worshipper uses a receiver that can be checked out at the information carousel in the narthex.

Each service includes a special and separate time for the children. The youngsters sit with one of the pastors for an object lesson pertaining to the season of the year or the sermon and text for the day. Following this time all the children not yet in first grade exit the worship service for their own program in the nursery. Children in the first grade and older take a seat in our worship center for family oriented worship.

Won't you come as you are ... with your heart open to hear God's word? Won't you come as you are ... in comfortable attire ... whether that is a suit,
Dockers and a Polo shirt or jeans and a tee shirt.