What are the weekend worship service times?
On Sunday mornings our traditional services are at 8:15 and 11:00AM and our contemporary service is at 9:40AM. During Summer 2017 we will have a single combined service at 10:00AM.

How do I find out what's going on in the church?
In addition to this web site, by reading our print publications: our weekly worship bulletin, our weekly newsletter, our monthly newsletter or our monthly church events calendar. The latest editions of these are available for viewing and/or download on our Sermons and Publications page. We also publish information on our Facebook page.

Do you have Church School?
Well, yes and no. Actually, yes ... it's just that we call this aspect of our Christian Education program FaithWorks. Classes are available for folks of all ages. For more detailed information about classes for children please go to our FaithWorks for Children page. For more detailed information about youth group please go to their page and for more information about classes for adults please go to that specific page.

How do I get involved in the life of the church?
Again, learn from our publications. You may also stop by our Information Center in the front entry way of the worship center for more information.

How do I get involved with the music ministry?
To learn about music for our traditional worship services, please send an email to our Director or Worship Arts and for information about the music in Come As You Are, please contact it's Praise Team Leader.

Are there different kinds of church membership?
Yes! An Active Member is a full member with all the rights and privileges of membership. An Affiliate Member is an active member in another church but he or she wishes to be on the membership roll of our church. An Affiliate Member enjoys all the rights and privileges of membership except voting and holding office.

Are there different ways to become an Active Member?
Yes there are! One becomes an Active Member either by making his or her initial profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and being baptized ... or, by reaffirming his or her faith in Jesus Christ recognizing that he or she is not on an active membership roll of another church ... or, by transferring his or her membership from another Christian Church.

What is the process to join?
The steps to becoming a member (Active or Affiliate) of Burnt Store Presbyterian Church make up a series of 4 Sunday morning classes (or 2 Wednesday evening classes) which we call Membership Matters. In all series, the final class presents the opportunity to join the church right then! For more information on Membership Matters or to find when the next series begins, please contact the church office.

Are there different ways to donate to the church?
Yes there are! In addition to the offering time during worship services and also by mail, you can select to have your bank account automatically debited either once or twice a month for the amount you wish to give to the church. Recently we have begun to allow donations to be made on your favorite credit card. Contact the treasurer for details.

Can I listen to a Sunday sermon?
Surely ... just go here.

Can you send emails about events at the church?