As each has received a gift, employ it for one another, as good stewards of the breadth of God's grace.
- I Peter 4:10


Have you ever dropped a pebble in the water and watched the ripples? Like the pebble dropped into a still pond, the decisions we make in our personal lives send out small but important waves that ripple beyond. The members of the Burnt Store Presbyterian Church Endowment Committee have been thinking and talking about how our decisions can make a difference for generations to come. Here’s what we’ve been up to...

Let’s start with the basics

An Endowment was established in 2015 to be used in service to the Kingdom of God. Contributing to the Endowment will help ensure that the church’s ministries continue well into the future. Monies donated to the Endowment are responsibly invested permanently. A portion of the income earned from the Endowment will be used to support church activities and projects, while the accumulated assets continue to grow to preserve the purchasing power of the Endowment for the future. This is what makes it a ‘forever’ gift.

How is the endowment organized?

We have established four designated funds…allowing donors to give to the Rev. Dr. Timothy Stewart Church Legacy Endowment (to support the budget for the many ministries of the church), the Capital Improvement Endowment, the Memorial Garden Endowment and the Mission Endowment. Donors may designate their gifts, in any amount, to one or all of the established funds.

How can you participate?

Some people may be able to make a gift designated to the Endowment now; check or cash, appreciated securities or real estate.  Others may consider it in their estate planning. A will represents a person’s final wishes and intentions.  After providing for loved ones, please consider one final testament of faith through a bequest in your will or living trust that provides enduring support for the church’s vital work.  As Pastor Tim challenged us to think; (paraphrasing), would a reader of our will know that we are a Christian?  For many of us, this will be the most significant gift we will make – our gift of a lifetime.  It will be the pebble we drop in the pond that will send ripples forward for generations.

Helpful Resources

Check here for information that may be helpful to you as you consider estate planning options; organizing your finances, prepare for possible future needs, providing for loved ones, reducing tax consequences and creating a legacy of your faith through a charitable gift. 

Check here for a checklist that may be helpful in doing the advance planning for a funeral/memorial service to make sure that final wishes are carried out as desired.


If you have questions, ideas, or wish to make it known that you have included the church in your estate plans, feel free to email by clicking the button below.

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