You've come to the right place if you want to become involved in the life of Burnt Store Presbyterian Church. Our ministries are the working groups that keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes. Each ministry is guided by two ruling elders and is comprised of volunteers from our congregation who wish to share their knowledge and experience.  Each ministry meets once a month, so feel free to sit in and make a difference.  Click here to view the church calendar. 

Christian Education

The Christian Education ministry of Burnt Store Presbyterian Church is dedicated to providing opportunities for the spiritual growth of our congregation through a variety of programs including; Faithworks - Youth Group - Membership Matters - Griefshare - Men’s Bible Study - Women’s Bible Study - Presbyterian Women. - This committee meets on the third Monday of the month at 1:00 PM in room 4.

Congregational Care

The Congregational Care ministry's purpose is to serve the needs of the congregation in the following areas: The Works (dinner segment) - Holy Grounds Café - Memorial Service Receptions - Kitchen/Pantry Oversight - Lay Visitations - Adult Respite Care - Health Related Activities - Historian/Archives - Bloodmobile - Diaconate. This committee meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 1:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall.


The goal of the Evangelism Ministry is to bring those persons who do not attend church or are searching for a new church home to Burnt Store Presbyterian Church, and to encourage them to become Disciples of Christ. This is accomplished in the following ways:

  • First-Time Visitors - are recognized during our worship services and presented with a “Thanks for Poppin’ In” packet with an invitation to return. They are then invited to Fellowship Hall for coffee and pastries. Congregation members will take this opportunity to sit with and welcome them.
  • Three-Time Visitors - through attendance tracking we identify our three-time visitors. We then make personal contact, and add them to our mailing list.
  • Membership Matters - visitors and friends are invited to attend a class that is held throughout the year. The class is the entry point to becoming a member of the Burnt Store Presbyterian Church family.
  • Public Relations - the ministry maintains an active press release program to inform the community of the many activities that are available for all to participate in at Burnt Store Presbyterian Church. Paid ads are also used to inform the community of our special events, inviting them to join us as we worship our savior, Jesus Christ.
  • TGIV Series - these seasonal events are designed to introduce the joyfulness of Burnt Store Presbyterian Church to the community. TGIV (Thank God It’s Variety) events are free and net proceeds from love offerings are directed to the program needs of the church as well as mission efforts in the community.
  • Winter Concert Series - this three-month series presents major concerts in January, February and March. Proceeds are directed to help fulfill the musical needs of the church.
  • Membership Review - the Evangelism Ministry oversees the annual review of the church membership.
  • Habitat for Humanity -the Evangelism Ministry attends habitat home dedications and present the new home owners with an adult bible if there are children in the family, a children’s bible is also provided.

Additional Evangelism endeavors to further assist the congregation and encourage them to become involved in the work of the church:

  • Information Carousel - provides information and assistance to worshippers and visitors every Sunday before and after services and at special events.
  • Narthex Area - The Evangelism Ministry oversees the Narthex area to help assure that it is being utilized efficiently and orderly. The other Ministries have various shadow boxes that they contribute to and maintain. There are also designated areas where items can be collected for organizations in need, such as clothing for the Immokalee farm workers and food for the local Food Banks.

Finance & Stewardship

The Ministry is co-chaired by two ruling elders and staffed by Property and Facilities Ministry Elders and volunteer church members with a wide range of financial/management experience. The Ministry meets monthly to review financial reports prepared and presented by the church Treasurer. Reports include: Monthly and YTD income statement, balance sheet, tracking of actual ministry budgets and cash flow analysis. The Ministry is responsible for preparing the annual budget for Session approval and presentation to the congregation. The Ministry is also responsible for managing balance sheet assets and investments. A separate committee has been established for stewardship, which reports to the Finance and Stewardship Ministry. The Stewardship Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of the annual stewardship campaign and the reporting of pledge results to the F&S Ministry. The Stewardship Committee is also responsible for on-going programs to establish a “culture of generosity” through church member contributions of time, talent and treasure. The Finance committee meets on the first Tuesday of the month after the first Sunday of the month at 1:00 PM in the room 4.


The mission of Burnt Store Presbyterian Church's Mission Ministry is to respond to His call by reaching out to all people.  Mission giving is defined, not only monetarily, but includes gifts of food, clothing, other property and the giving of one's time and talent. The Mission Ministry is dedicated to reaching out and helping others locally, nationally and around the world. Assistance is given with “hands on” activities as well as financially to some 30 organizations. Feeding the homeless, --- providing food and clothing to migrant farm workers, --- working with boys in a group foster home, ---delivering food so school kids have something to eat over the weekends, -- ringing the bell and manning a station for the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Christmas activity, --- participating in national and international mission efforts --- and building with the Habitat for Humanity -- these are a few of the many opportunities for church members to help some of God’s children who are in need. If you have a place in your heart that feels a call to help others, contact any member of the Mission Ministry for more information.  Click here to view the local, domestic, and world organizations supported by our church. This committee meets on the last Monday of the month at 1:00 PM in the room 3/5.


The Personnel Ministry is populated with the Pastor(s), the Clerk of Session and Elders from the Christian Education, Facilities & Property, Finance & Stewardship and Worship & the Arts Ministries. The Clerk of Session is the Chairperson of the Ministry. The Ministry is responsible for (a) coordinating personnel policy for the church staff, (b) conducting annual objective employee evaluations of all staff members, (c) reviewing and recommending to Session compensation and benefits packages for all staff and for budgeting purposes, (d) recommending personnel policies to Session, such as employment, separation and reviews involving staff personnel, as required by Session and conducted only by authority of Session, (e) recommending appropriate recognition and appreciation for all staff, (f) encouraging professional growth and development for all staff and (g) acting as a liaison committee to provide an available support group as needed for the congregation, employees and/or pastors. 

Property & Facilities

This ministry is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the facility and things contained therein, as well as the grounds surrounding the facility. The ministry builds and oversees a large budget which is comprised of money for maintenance items but also supplies for the church needs. The objective of the ministry is to utilize the funds allotted to it in a judicious manner and insure that we maintain and provide a facility worthy of its membership. This committee meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 1:00 PM in the room 4.


The Worship Ministry's objective is to provide a meaningful service to worship God at Burnt Store Presbyterian Church. The Worship Ministry’s responsibilities include: - working closely with the Pastors and the Music Directors in the overall planning and implementation of all worship services - working with the Music Directors and the Organist to provide the support necessary for the music program via the Music Ministry - providing additional ways to spread the Word via the Drama Ministry - ensuring the sanctuary is set up properly for worship each week via the Pew Patrol Ministry - responsibility for worship service flowers and special flower programs (i.e. Christmas Poinsettias, Easter Lilies) via the Flower Ministry - establishing dates when communion will be served, communion preparation, communion serving, and clean up via the Communion Ministry - recruiting communion servers via the Communion Ministry - recruiting ushers for all services via the Usher Ministry - keeping congregation informed and encouraging comments/input from the congregation via a monthly article in the Smoke Signals - budgeting for all the Worship Ministry needs and ensuring all planning helps meet that budget. The Worship Ministry normally meets on the 4th Tuesday of every month at 4:00 PM in room 4. Additional meetings are held as needed.

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